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Segi Seri Sdn Bhd was established in 1995 as wholly owned bumiputera entity. Registered under the Ministry of Finance, Segi Seri Sdn Bhd was later incorporated in 2003 with an authorized and paid up capital of RM5 million and RM2.1 million respectively. Located at Wisma Segi Seri in Shah Alam, it currently employs more than 400 employees nationwide. Segi Seri Sdn Bhd has established its reputation in the food industry both locally and abroad through various food services, food processing and food packaging business.


The food business is a complex collective of diverse business that supplies most of the food consumed by the general population. This could not ring any truer when the food industry is very much defined by the evolving trends, growing changes, looming demands and sophisticated technologies over the years. Our vast experience in the food business have enable us to have a deep understanding on the importance of adopting the necessary techniques, apply the required technology and provide the support insfrastructure in to the
myriad components involved in our business endeavour. Our scope of business can be divided into four main categories:
- Halal food processing
- Event management & catering
- Food & beverages outlets
- Rental of catering equipment (KV2)


The halal food processing business encompasses a wide range of food catering to the growing market demands. Our existing central processing units located in Shah Alam and Salak Tinggi are able to produce a broad spectrum of food for general and specific consumption.

It ranges from baked goods and pastries packed and ready to eat meals such as nasi lemak, spaghetti and western food to in-patient and therapeutic diet meals catering to the differen needs of hospital patients.

Master food paste ranging from meat curry, fish curry, rendang a nd sambal tumis are also available for different types of cooking.

We have been supplying halal processed foods to healthcare institutions that include Hospital Putrajaya, Hospital Sungai Buloh, Hospital Pulau Pinang, National Cancer Institute, Pusrawi and Pusat Perubatan University Malaya. Packed and ready to eat meals are also available at convenient stores such as
Family Mart. Our consistent and good practices have earned us the Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP) awarded by Hospital Sungai Buloh.

We have also attained the Halal accreditation from JAKIM and a 4 star rating from SME Corp under the SCORE program. Segi Seri fully integrated kitchen (FICK) in Kota Puteri, Selangor will commence operation by 2018/2019.

Equipped with automotion equipment and state-of-the-art facilities will boost efficiency and production capacity to drive our future business and income growth.

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